Transformation Tuesday

Fitness Edge Radio Transformation Tuesday time!
Each week we shine a spotlight a person who has or is completing a successful fitness transformation on our page as well as on our website at This feature is made possible in part by our sponsors,...

My name is Kimberly Monnet, I am married to Nova and have two beautiful daughters, Kayla born September 2006 and Kara, born July 2009.  My journey into fitness began with a car accident driving home one night after work in December of 2011.   Another car cut me off on the expressway, I slammed on the breaks and almost spun off a bridge. The windows to the family van all were smashed completely out, my airbags were deployed and my van was totaled.  Fortunately, I was able to walk away from the accident without serious injuries, only bruises and scrapes.  I vividly remember during  the...


Just a few weeks ago, at my very own Downtown Fitness Club, we completed an 8 week Body Transformation Challenge. It is a TOUGH 8 weeks, where I challenge participants to focus on eating a healthy diet (which I design) and following a 6 day per week workout regimen and document the process with photos, weigh-ins and measurements.
I'm happy and proud to reveal one of the winners of...

Since adding this feature to Fitness Edge, our followers have been motivated by stories of people who have beaten long odds, conquered personal demons and endured ridicule to achieve successful fitness transformations. You enjoy reading them, I enjoy telling them.

But, the reality with getting, and then staying, in shape is that sometimes, the story is not that dramatic. What about...


Today we feature our very own Downtown Fitness Club member, Michelle Schaefer. Here is her story:
Born a healthy, happy baby, Michelle Schaefer’s health took a turn for the worse before she even left the hospital…a missed diagnosis of her condition led to the loss 90% of her intestines and the medication Michelle was placed on, eventually caused her deafness. The prognosis for little...


For anyone who is familiar with Esther Kwong's spinning classes at the RAC, it's probably hard to imagine anyone as energetic, encouraging and enthusiastic about fitness as her. But it hasn't always been that way.
The beneficiary of good genetics, or so it seemed, Esther didn't have to work hard to stay 'in shape' in her 20's. Everything changed when Esther became pregnant and gave birth to her son in 2003. Those genetics that had served her so well, turned against her as she struggled with her post pregnancy weight, complicated by high blood pressure and cholesterol that she had...


Many of us have never been here, but there are still many who have. This is dedicated to those just starting out.
"When I was my heaviest I felt like I was worthless. I did need to get my hair done (I was scared I would brake the chair.) Go to the Doctor's (they would have to weigh me.) Go to amusement park (I could not fit on the rides, and I did not want to get into a bathing suit.) Go shopping (so I could see my real size).
It was so sad."
It was 2010 and Jojo Conte Butler signed up at Weight Watchers, where she lost 75 pounds. It was a start. In November 2012, after 15...


Have you ever had a friend convince you to try a group exercise class, despite your protests that you have two left feet? Then you finally show up...and are horrible!?  Danny Maffia did. It was 2008 at RIT and Danny's instructor and Wellness Director at the college, Michelle Pecor Schrouder, who was also a Turbokick instructor, convinced him to try her class. In Danny's words, he stood in the back of the room "embarrassed and ashamed at how uncoordinated he was." He was a glutton for punishment though and returned! He soon met Natalie Cain Christman and Christine Dwyer who, painfully...


Kelly Bradley Kinard is today's Fitness Edge Radio Transformation of the Day! Kelly began dieting to lose the 5% required for bariatric surgery...she lost too much, didn't qualify for the procedure and just kept going. That was over 150 pounds ago! Kelly continued the diet prescribed by the bariatric doctors and has worked out at Flower City CrossFit, RAC, Planet Fitness, JCC, LA Fitness and currently at Bounce Aerobics (which she LOVES, but who doesn't?)...proving that it's not always 'what' you do for exercise, as long as you eat...


Renee Rivera is our Fitness Edge Radio 'Transformation of the Day.' Read her story here.
Congratulations Renee! Keep up the great work!