Sue Crounse


It's a 'word' that evokes a broad range of responses across the fitness community for sure!

Call it what you will, CrossFit has transformed Sue Crounse like nothing she has ever tried (and she tried a lot!) Probably much like your friends who are talking about CrossFit...Sue had friends who eventually talked her into trying CrossFit for herself...and that's not a bad thing.

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"...honestly, there came a point where I tried to make peace with being fat."

If you have ever contemplated such an idea...

"My story is probably like many others. I was fit and athletic in high school and through my twenties but something happened along the way – I got heavy. For years I tried every weight loss program around and most worked for a while – but inevitably the weight would come back. It was discouraging and honestly, there came a point where I tried to make peace with being fat.
Two years ago I got talked into trying CrossFit. I was really hesitant because I was sure that was for thin, fit people – not people with weight to lose who were 43 years old. But with much encouragement, I showed up one day. It seems so unlikely that I would stay, but I did.
I could hardly move those first few months – I cried and I wanted to quit – but I kept showing up. My trainer would tell me I was stronger than I knew… and he was right. But I figured out very quickly, you could not eat junk and perform. I just could not ‘out train’ my diet.
And that’s when my weight loss started. Today I’m 50 pounds lighter and have held onto that loss for over a year. My lifestyle has completely changed. I’m a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer and I also am certified as a CrossFit Kids Trainer. I coach classes weekly and help kids and adults meet their fitness goals. I truly believe we all deserve to be fit – to be our best version of ourselves – but that is a hard place to get to alone. And if you can even believe it – I just completed the Rochester Half Marathon. These things seemed unreachable and yet – here I am."

Fitness Edge congratulates Sue Crounse as this week's Transformation Tuesday success story. It doesn't have to be CrossFit...but don't rule out CrossFit can work for any age or level of fitness. If you have ever thought you'd like to try it, but are hesitant like Sue her at
Please forgive me for volunteering your services Sue, but hey, if there's anything CrossFitters love to do, it's talk about CrossFit!
Keep up the good and hard work!