Sarah Stalter

This week, our story comes from the next state over...Ohio. Good friend of local CrossFit Fruition owner, Dan Dirkx, this woman has lost over 130 pounds since beginning her journey 2 years ago. I saw Sarah Stalter's photos and asked her her Sarah's words, here it is!
"It all started with Advocare's 24 Day Challenge. I've been obese since I was 6. I had hit a time in my life where I didn't see a future for myself, nor did I want a future. After some internal debates, I realized I had to find something to focus all of my energy on to help pull me out of the black abyss that was my life. I knew food was always on my mind, therefore focusing on what I could and couldn't eat would hopefully distract me enough... and it did. I lost 18lbs in 24 days and from there went on to lost 130 in two years and have kept it off for the last year now. It wasn't until I had got my nutrition under control that i started incorporating exercise into my routine. I'm now incredibly active and a lover of all things CrossFit ."
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Once again, congratulations to Sarah Stalter, she is our Fitness Edge Transformation Tuesday success story of the week!