Lindsay Thompson

It's Transformation Tuesday on Fitness Edge Radio, sponsored by LaSalon Bianca and Massage Envy Spa, and we have yet another success story from Team Charlene over in Victor, training out of IronWorx Gym. Lindsay Thompson is our featured transformer this week and here’s how she accomplished her goals.

In her 20’s Lindsay had lost 60 pounds on her own, but admittedly, she had a challenge maintaining her weight, yo-yoing along the way. In August of 2013, Lindsay met her current boyfriend, and as will happen, they settled into that ’comfort’ zone of undisciplined eating and not finding time to workout as regularly as usual. Then Lindsay’s boyfriend (Adam, he does have a name) was transferred overseas for work. Since he was going to be gone, Lindsay needed a way to fill the time and found Charlene Rotunno Teague's ‘transform’ program that combined varied, intense workouts several days a week along with clean eating habits. Initially setting a goal to lose 8-10 pounds, by following the program to the letter, Lindsay lost nearly 20 and continuing to follow is currently down 25 pounds and is considering competing in a bikini division of a local bodybuilding show in the near future. Adam completed a transformation of his own while he was away, to support Lindsay, he was working out too and has added nearly 20 pounds of lean muscle to his physique, not too shabby! As Lindsay shared, even though she had lost 60 pounds in the past, she was as she referred to it, “skinny fat” having just lost weight, but not changing her body. Now with Charlene’s guidance and program, which includes plenty of weight training, Lindsay has truly transformed her body in a much healthier and permanent fashion. It hasn’t been all clear sailing, along the way friends who used to hang out when Lindsay enjoyed her wine much more frequently have stopped calling and family and friends don’t always understand when you re-prioritize your health and fitness in life. Back-handed compliments, such as “If I never said you were fat, you would have never been motivated to lose weight!” or friends becoming annoyed at Lindsay’s choice to eat every three hours hurt her feelings from time to time. But, the support from Adam and her fellow workout crew in the ‘Transform’ program, along with reaping the benefits of feeling and looking great have made the journey worthwhile…heck, those things now serve as motivation to work harder to succeed.

For her decision to make fitness a priority and then execute her plan…and for the wisdom in surrounding herself with a strong support system…Lindsay Thompson is our Fitness Edge Radio Transformation Tuesday Success Story this week!!
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One last big "congratulations" to Lindsay Thompson, keep up the good and hard work!