Jennifer Dietrich

Jennifer Dietrich is our featured success story this week. Jen has overcome many personal obstacles to achieve an incredible physical transformation. Not unlike many others that have been featured on this page, Jennifer's transformation has gone beyond the pounds she has lost, it has empowered her and given her a platform to share her thoughts and feelings about the real meaning of life, or as she puts it, "Spreading the love!"

Whenever possible, these stories are best told by the ones who accomplish's Jennifer to tell you the rest.

"My story in a nutshell - I lived as an overweight, alcoholic thru my 20's and 30's, at age 34 I was 5'6" and 292 pounds. I had gastric bypass and lost the majority of the weight but my drinking accelerated. The next year, 2008, I got sober and life changed! I now work every day to be the best I can be and to be of service to others.
After a tough break up almost 2 years ago I was in a dark place for a while...I had quit the gym when I was with him and about a year of depression got myself back to it around Thanksgiving. For the first 6 weeks I was going through the motions, not feeling it. Then something clicked right after New Years. I joined the Body Transformation Challenge Gold's Gym Fairport, NY holds every year and set out to 1. See what was possible for me in 12 weeks and 2. Find out what I was made of. I had Jason Wilson (awesome trainer there) guide me a bit and I had laser focus and won the challenge, lost 29 pounds and 8% body fat. My friend invited me to become a Beachbody coach and so now I work to motivate others to improve their nutrition and start working out. It's still a struggle for me - my last lingering addiction is food, but my victory is in the fact I will not give up. I will keep working at it and becoming better. I recently started training with Kyle Glickman twice a week to take my focus to the next level."

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Congratulations to Jennifer on her amazing accomplishments and a tip of the cap to the person she has become through this journey. Take inspiration from her and remember...Life's Tough. Get Fit!