Christy Fell

In 2007 Christy Fell reached her highest weight ever, 206 pounds. 206 on a 5'2" frame, she wore a size 22 / 1X in women's clothing. Having given birth to her second child in 2005 and gaining 85 pounds during pregnancy, then struggling to take it off, she thought she was destined to be fat and began to resign herself to fact that she would never be skinny again. “When I went in for a physical in 2007 my doctor told me I was morbidly obese and borderline diabetic. This scared me and I decided to change my lifestyle.” Christy started working out on the elliptical and joined weight watchers, between the two, lost the first 30 pounds over the course of one year- but then her weight seemed to plateau. As many of us do, we repeat the same thing over and over, expecting a different result, so Christy continued to do the elliptical and watch what I ate, but nothing seemed to budge the scale in her favor. She started a new workout, Turbo Jam and became hooked on the energy it gave her. The weight started downward again, slowly, but steadily. “Then I started Turbo Fire in 2011 and the numbers on the scale kept dropping. I realized that Turbo was my ‘soulmate’ workout.” Emboldened by her success, she headed to her local gym to take TurboKick classes and eventually became certified to teach TurboKick, Hustle and PiYo. She completed a 5K Mud factor run too. Additionally, she pranced around in her underwear…so to speak. “It is very empowering to be in shape when you have experienced what it's like to be very out of shape.” Christy had hired a local photographer to do a boudoir shoot and was asked if she would like to do a modeling gig for lingerie for a charity event hosted by THE Mario Lopez! Christy had a blast rocking the runway in a very tasteful display.
As is generally the case, there are rarely success stories that don’t have challenges along the way. “I had a very insecure husband who was not thrilled with my doing the show or losing weight and becoming a fitness fanatic…long story short we just completed a divorce, but I wouldn't change a single thing about my weight loss journey.”
“Although I recently had knee surgery in 11/13 - I am recovering well and eager to get back to working out full time. Today I am proud to say that I am the healthiest I have ever been, wear a size medium and feel amazing. It really is a lifestyle change and with clean eating and exercise…you can achieve amazing results. I am always a work in progress and cannot wait to keep setting new fitness goals and crushing them!”