Billy Valvo

In case you missed this on my personal page yesterday...
I hope you all look forward to Transformation Tuesday as much as I do here at Fitness Edge Radio. Sponsored by our friends at LaSalon Bianca and Massage Envy Spa, each week we feature a special person who has made a decision in life to take the steps necessary to improve their health, quality of life, outlook, attitude, habits and lastly, appearance. This week's featured transformation story is nothing short of heroic. Let's face it, many of us in the fitness business come into it by way of starting out in good shape or a jock...not all of us mind you and I have featured some of you pretty amazing people right here on this page. This is to take nothing away from any of you. But this kid here, Billy Valvo, from Lockport...he's amazing. As you look at his 'before' photo...know that I had to get him to really dig to find it. His memories from his adolescence were painful to the point that he has destroyed virtually every reminder from that period in his life, he literally had this photo and a head shot from his yearbook. Imagine the happiness and carefree days of your youth and then imagine going through it as Billy did; picked on, put down and struggling to make sense of it all..again, I'm not trying to minimize anyone else, I know some of you struggled as well....let this story give anyone who feels this way hope that you too can do whatever you set your mind on. I'm going to let Billy take it from here:

"The majority of my life I was overweight. Throughout high school I was considered one of the 'fat kids'. Both of my parents are overweight and I took on their bad habits. One summer, I gained 40 pounds, peaking at 255. I had the highest body fat on the wrestling team at over 28 percent. At the end of high school I told myself I don't want to live this lifestyle of being fat. I was depressed. At first I dieted to lose weight. My goal in life was to die or be skinny at first...until my buddy, Rich, who was also my roommate at the time, introduced me to the gym. Ever since then, my goal has to become Fit - Not skinny! I have been trying to learn more proper techniques and dieting other then low calorie diet and I have been eating 6 small meals a day! One day I hope to live my dream of being high end in the health world as a trainer, fitness coach or nutritionist. I want to help people reach their goals and feel great, like I do today. I am currently 183 pounds and roughly 13- 15 bmi."

(warning: explicit language)

I want to add an 'editor's note' to Billy's story. I hope I haven't been too melodramatic with this week's write up, but for this kid to look in the mirror with all the negative thoughts of his own, formed by years of cut-downs and criticism, and see the possibility that he could achieve what he did...and then make it happen...that is nothing short of being a fucking hero in my book.

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