Alicia Catarisano

As difficult as it is for us more 'mature' people to find a starting point to effect the change in established habits to get in shape, sometimes after years of neglect and abuse of our health...I can't help but think the younger people among us have a much harder job. Becoming an adult with the accompanying search for identity, while living under other's rules and not always having access to the information and motivation to change, complicated by the cruelty of peer pressure, bullying and all the other heinous behaviors that young people engage in makes you wonder how any of them become well-adjusted adults at all, much less healthy ones.
Alicia struggled with her weight as a young person, but fortunately found her way on to 'team Charlene' and the wheels were set in motion for this week's Transformation Tuesday story! Whenever possible, I like to let our winners speak for themselves...Here is Alicia's story:
"I had always been a chubby girl throughout high school. I tried every "quick" diet you could imagine. I would crash diet, lose 10 pounds then gain back 15. After years of going back and forth I gave up and turned to food for comfort. Before I knew it I had gained 40 pounds. I stepped on the scale and couldn't believe what I saw. I joined LA Weightloss and lost some of the weight but it wasn't enough. I got discouraged again and started putting weight back on. I met Charlene Rotunno Teague, started training with her and it completely changed my life. I started with one on one sessions with her, did her TransForm program and now she is training me for my second Bikini Competition. Charlene has taught me how to eat to live and use food for fuel, not just pleasure. I eat clean but still indulge here and there but I'm smarter about it now. I love my new healthy lifestyle but it's hard when friends don't understand why I eat every three hours, why I don't go out drinking with them every weekend and why I've stopped eating the things I used to. Luckily my family has supported me every step of the way and anyone who has been negative about my change has motivated me to keep doing what I'm doing and not go back to my unhealthy ways."
Congratulations Alicia! See you on stage this fall.

p.s. Charlene just started another Transform program this week, if anyone wants to experience the success that Alicia has, contact Charlene today...she may be able to get you in!
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